Why Ally ?

    Many users requests us modeler to make
       original parts.
    The development of modeler is fairly low priority
        thing in our development plan.
        We have POLYEDIT just for our development
        and it was really difficult to learn for user.
    We found Metasequoia and it is an excellent &
       easy modeler that supports SUF(DoGA format)
    We talked with Mr. Mizuno the developer of
       Metasequoia and we decided to ally.


The Metasequoia

   It is an excellent modeler.
   In Japan, many professionals using Metasequoia
   for modeling.
   It is easy but it has various functions like Metaball
   with reasonable price.

   Please visit Mr. Mizuno's page to see and
   download free trial version of Metasequoia.

   If you have any questions, please send e-mail to


 Sample movies



Using "Angelwing"
Cool free model
made by Sparkey

         The "Angelwing" is a Lightwave objects.
         We import it to Metasequoia and set attributes
         for L-series.


How to use Metasequoia
     with L3

    STEP 1 : Make your model in Metasequoia and save
                       as SUF format.

    STEP 2 : Setting attributes for L-series with
                       "Part File Converter"
                       which installed with L3.

    STEP 3 : To use your model, use "Add parts from
                       file" menu at L3 Parts Assembler.