DOGA-L series is software that you can use to produce Computer Graphics animations (CGA). People say that learning CG software is difficult. DOGA-L series is designed so you can learn gradually from a beginner to an advanced stage.

DOGA-L3 is the third lesson(L3) of the L-series. Complete beginners can produce CGA smoothly, learning the basics of CGA by using this software.

You can express the complicated action, high-level material expression and the human body with knowledge and the operation acquiring with L2.

The new function of the DOGA-L3 is explained below.

Fine material settings

User's textures and patterns

With L2, you can only select material textures and patterns from the sample which is prepared. But with L3 you can set your own textures and patterns which imported from files.

Also you can enjoy various mapping options and cell-like material settings.

Material settings window

Increased patterns

With L2 there were 31 patterns, but with L3 it increases to 87.


Texture mapping

With L3, you can express bumps, emittion, speculation, transperancy and combination of them.


You can make a fine expression using various patterns suitable for effects.

Furthermore, you can use animated picture as a pattern for expressions like burning fire and lightening.

The shadow of the wave appeared underwater (Transparency mapping)

Lightning (Emittion mapping)

Sonic boom, effective line (Transparency mapping)

Burning fire
( Animated picture pattern)

Cell-like material

In addition, you can make a pictures and movies with textures like cell animation with 3DCG animation software.You can set gradation, speculation and edge thickness in details.

Bump mapping and cell-like material
Action design

Action design

We use "pose" with L2. We can use "action" which is "pose"s varies with time information.

You can cut and paste the "action" and export to file and apply to other multi-joint models.

Using "action" function, you can make movies with many people easily.


Action sample
(MPEG 100KB)

Automatic touchdown

We solve the problem like sliding foot when walking by automatic touchdown function.

Using it, the around before and doing side revolution, body and foot does not slide. they automatically keeps moving according to the action.

Furthermore, if jump action is made, action designer caliculates the pauses automatically.


automatic touchdown

Jump action

Change selective unit

You can change the selective unit in multi-joint models.
You can change it by each key-frames and also it repeats in each every frame and/or to change the unit which is registered to random.

Replacing open eye unit with closed eye unit, you can express wink. Replacing the plural mouth unit at random, you can express the talking mouth.



Special effects using new renderer

Completely new renderer makes expression remarkably powerful.

The shadow of the object falls and, lens flare appears when the camera shoots sun and at the strong light.

Various shadows

Lens flare

Light source

You can use multiple light source with L3 and have parallel, point and spot light.

Furthermore, you can blink the light and move them as you want just like moving objects.

Spot light and that shadow