DOGA Battle

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Battle No Theme State
Space Cruiser
21st Century Dream
Winner KAME
Nengajyo (Japanese new year greeting card) Battle
A happy new year and a happy new millenium
AceCreek & Masao
X'mas card Battle
 <Sorry this Battle is with Japanese Fighters Only>
Merry X'mas
Winner Masakichi
Battle Base
The Battle Base of the future

Winner Keisuke

Mobile Armor Battle
 <Sorry this Battle is with Japanese Fighters Only>
Which is the king in the air
Winner Masakichi
RPG Characters
Using L3 standard body sample


Robot Pro-wrestling
Who is the strongest ?

Winner Ken

"YOKAI" Japanese Monsters
 <Sorry this Battle is with Japanese Fighters Only>

Cool ?

Winner KAME

Summer greeting card
 <Sorry this Battle is with Japanese Fighters Only>

Greeting cards for you

Winner Keisuke

The scene with F-1
 <Sorry this Battle is with Japanese Fighters Only>

Scene battle using other fighter's F-1
Winner KAME
The F-1 Battle
 <Sorry this Battle is with Japanese Fighters Only>
Designed by Constructors
Winner SAAK
The Fish Battle
Vurtual Aquarium
The scene with Airplane
Scene battle focused on Airplane
Winner Parushiparu
DOGA-L3 Standard Body Sample "Robot"
From real wepon to super robot
Winner Parushiparu
Robopet BAttle
We choose the theme from user's suggestions
Winner Parushiparu
DOGA-L3 Standard Body Sample "Human"
Whom do you choose ?
Winner Parushiparu
Scene with Super Heroine
Heroine & Mecha
Super Heroines
Sexy Androids
Winner Parushiparu
New Year Greeting
A Happy New Year !
Christmas Presents
What you give? What you want?
Winner YUMO
Plastic Model of WANZER
Scene Battle using WANZER of 13th.
Winner uchi
Robot like Front Mission
Look! New WANZER !
Winner KAME
Scary and beautiful Western Dragon
Winner SAAK
Mega Space Battleship
More realistic and cool
Winner YUMO
Motor Show 2000 Winner uchi
Space Opera Battle
Like Sci-fi movie posters
Winner YUMO
Summer Greetings Winner uchi
Scene Battle of Aurabattler Winner Masakichi
Aurabattler Battle Winner SAAK
The Castle Battle Winner uchi
The 152nd POKEMON    "Really?" Winner KAME
Scene Battle using data of 2nd Winner uchi
AT like Robot Battle Winner KAME
Walker like we've seen in STAR WARS Winner YUMO

About DOGA Battle

    General information

We hold Battle with various theme.
Fighters make pictures according to the theme using L2 and we display them for a few week.
Winner is determined by vote of visitors.
This Battle is for mutual stimulation and for exchanging ideas, designs and friendships.
We have nothing to offer to winner except honor.

    Rules etc.

    1. You can use only DOGA-L2
    2. No optional parts
    3. Fighters have two weeks to make pictures
    4. Pictures must be new on the Internet
    5. All rights of pictures belongs to Fighter
    6. We will use Fighters' pictures only for this
      corner and promotion of this web site
    7. Please cooperate for smooth operatio

 Joining the Battle as Fighter

     Send us e-mail with subject "Join as Fighter" including
     your name(handle name) and e-mail address to

     We send you the information of the battle each time.
     Please reply join or not as soon as possible.

If you join, create your picture and send it to us before
     the deadline.

Send us themes

 Send us themes of DOGA Battle to

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Masakichi uchi
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