How to send

The works you can send to this corner is the objects, the pictures and the movies made with DoGA-L1 and DoGA-L2.
But we do not decide the details about the gallery for the picture and the movie yet.
We will inform you on this page when the details are decided.

[Notes] When you send your works, please accept the following points in advance.

<> How to send objects

There are three types of objects, the object data of DoGA-L1, that of DoGA-L2 and the multi-joint model data of DoGA-L2.
The ways to send are just a little different according to the data types. Please be careful.
When you send the data, you are required to compress the data. Please use LHA or ZIP when you compress the data.

Compress the data(*.FSC by L1 or *.L2P by L2) and the catalogue picture you want to send and send it to the following address via e-mail which contains the comment and the polygon number.
Please send one 160*120BMP picture and two 320*240BMP pictures which have different angle from 160*120BMP picture if possible. Please compress these pictures and send them to us.
Black is the desirable color of the background for us. If you do not know how to change the background, you do not have to change the background. Please send it to us as it is.
But be sure to send your comment to us. If you have a handle name or website, please include them in your e-mail.

Please compress the data of the multi-joint model(*.L2C) and the catalogue picture and the data of the object (*.L2P) used in the model you want to send and send them in the same way of contributing object data.