How to Use

The following data can be used only for non-commercial purpose.

1)Object gallery

You can download the data in this page and use it for your CG animation. When you use the data in this page, please write the name of creator of the data as a manner on the ending credit, etc.

1-a)Data of L1

This is object data (*.FSC) made with Parts Assembler of L1.

1-b)Data of L2

This is object data with no joint(.L2P) made with Parts Assembler of L2.

Save the data in any folder you like of "Data\mecha\" in the folder you installed L2.

1-c)Multi-joint model data of L2

The operation of making Multi-joint model is so complicated. Please read this notes carefully and execute. If you decompress the data, the file which contains connection data(.L2C) and unit data(.L2P) is made.

Example: The file you download is Dog.exe.
When you execute the file, the file "Dog.l2c" and the folder "Dog" will be extracted.
In the folder, There are the data "Dog_Head.L2P" and "Dog_Leg.L2P", etc.

Save the connection data in any folder you like of "Data\connect\" in the folder you installed L2.

The folder which contains unit data should be saved in the folder that has the same name of category of "Data\mecha\L2_Samp\"

Example: When Dog.exe is placed in the category "Animal" on Web.
"Dog" folder should be copyed into the folder "Animal" of "Data\mecha\L2_Samp\".
In the result of this operation, "Dog\Dog_Head.L2P" becomes "Data\mecha\L2_Samp\Animal\Dog\Dog_Head.L2P".
Picture gallery

These are still pictures, so you can appreciate them but will not use this data in your works. If you use these pictures on your webpage, please introduce the name of creator as a manner.

Movie gallery

You can appreciate movies but cannot use them for another purpose. There are two ways to watch movies, AVI file and RealVideo.

When you download AVI file, the quality of picture is not so bad, but file size becomes large, so it will take a lot of time to download. And if the time of movie is long, you can download only a part of it.

In the case of RealVideo, you can watch the whole movie. But you are required to prepare the circumstances to use RealVideo. And a frame rate is greatly restricted.

Others gallery

Other gallery is different in the contents. Please read the attached notes carefully.