System Requirements for L-series

Personal computer
Windows machine.
At least Pentium 75MHz
Windows machine.
At least Pentium 100MHz
Windows machine.
At least Pentium 200MHz
Windows 95,98  (DirectX7 or later, Internet Explorer5.0 or later needed)
Windows 2000,Me,Xp
At least 24MB RAM, over 32MB is recommended.
At least 64MB RAM, over 128MB is recommended.
Free Hard-drive space
At least 30MB, over 40MB is recommended.
At least 40MB, over 60MB is recommended.
At least 40MB, over 120MB is recommended.
Display Adapter
At least High-Color(16bit), True-Color(24bit) is recommended.

  • Development and test have done mainly with the Windows98.
  • When DirectX7 is not installed or with picture resolution / the color number which does not support Direct3D, display with Direct3D is not possible. It becomes wire-frame display.
  • In addition, with Windows NT 4.0, because version of the DirectX is old, the indication with the Direct3D is not possible.
  • 3D accelerator which activate only at full screen (like VooDoo) does not operate Direct3D display function.
  • With the environment where L1 does not operate normally, it is expected even after L2 that similar problem occurs. You should try DOGA-L1 firs

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