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<> How to change the description of colors <>

In parts assembler of L2, you can describe 55 colors with each parts. But sometimes there are not colors you want to use in 55 colors. So we introduce how to change the colors with changing system descriptions.

Color information is described in the file "COMMON\ATR\ATR.INI" following from the folder that L2 is installed. Read this file by editor or notepad.

You will find the description below after some lines

Color1=C1,White, 1.00,1.00,1.00

and from this line to the line

Color55=C22,Very Dark Vermilion, 0.47,0.21,0.16

are the description of colors. They are 55 lines.

For example,


means that "First color is named 'C1' internally and displayed 'White' and its RGB values are 1.00,1.00,1.00."

So you can set the another color with changing the name of color or RGB values. Each RGB values are describes from 0 to 1.0. You can calculate RGB values you want from the value that displayed in Painbrush.

When you exchange your data with your friends, if you use changed or added colors, they will not be displayed correctly.

And you are in danger that L2 doesn't work if you mistake to change the description of colors. You should make a back up of "ATR.INI" file before you change it.

As a result, if you don't know how to use editor or you are inexperienced to the computer, you should not change the colors.

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