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<> Introduction of the project team DoGA <>

The organization called the project team DoGA('DoGA[do:ga]' means 'Animation' or 'moving picture' in Japanese) located in Osaka, Japan manages the DoGA project. The team was originally founded as a joint project of computer societies at Osaka University and Kyoto University in 1985.

by Masakazu Ozaki
created with DOGA-L2

Although the team is now a stock corporation on Japanese law it is almost nonprofit organization. Many volunteers participate in the project.

The aim of DoGA is to spread the new born culture of computer graphics to the public, and progress on to the next stage where CG animation is just accessible like any other art form. There are full of animations we can enjoy on TV, in Cinema, on Video cassette, but they are all produced by professionals. The film produced an amateur can rarely be found. But producing a film is much more amusing than just watching them!

Producing a film is, however, by no means an easy process. Producing a complete film requires vast amount of working and equipment, and money. We aim to cut down the cost of production to the level which an individual can afford by use of computer graphics.

DoGA's current activities are as follows: