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<> Software for a very low price <>

Purchasing CG animation software for a high price is really a challenging thing when you do not know if you can make full use of it .

We truly believe that the first software has to be free of charge to get started computer graphics. Payment should be made only after the users find that the software is beneficial to them. And to introduce CG animation to as many people as possible, distribution of a free tool kit is very important.

Not only grown-ups but also kids can enjoy creating CG animation. Rather, being enjoyable to kids is perhaps more important for the future of visual culture. The price of the software needs to be low for kids to purchase.

by Masakazu Ozaki
created with DOGA-L2

For the reasons above, the first release of the DOGA-L series 'DOGA-L1' is used absolutely free of charge. All functions are available with no restrictions. And we will price the second release 'DOGA-L2' as low as possible.

To keep the price at this level, users' participation is required in various phases, for example, the development of the software, distribution, advertisement, user support and so on.