DOGA-L1 is Lesson1 (L1) of the L series.
Complete beginners can produce CGA smoothly, learning the basics of CGA by starting with DOGA-L1.

DOGA-L1 is free to use for noncommercial purpose.

 Download DOGA-L1 (Ver.E1999.5.1 : 8.8MB)


DOGA-L2 is the second step in the L series.
This software is for someone who has already mastered L1.
L2 is more advanced and enables you to create CG animation like a professional.
L2 is a little more difficult software than L1 because new functions and new concepts are added.
So, we recommend you master L1 before you use L2.

DOGA-L2 is shareware and the registration fee is $49.
The feature "Render / View animation" is not available till you register.

 Download DOGA-L2 (Ver.E1999.5.1 : 10.3MB)


 Download DOGA-L3 (No Help files:26MB)


DOGA-L2 animation image


Blue Ranger

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