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<> Information of DOGA-L2 <>

We will introduce part of the knowledge you will acquire and more robust that will be available.

  1. Variety of expression
  2. Multi-joint model
  3. Key frames
  4. Expression of environment

If you become familiar with this knowledge and these functions, you can produce high level realistic CG animation.

DOGA-L2 Sample Movie

<> 1) Variety of expression

In DOGA-L1 you can choose from only 5 kinds of colors for each object. In DOGA-L2 you can choose from 55 different colors for each part. And more, there are many textures and materials you can use to design a variety of expressions.

Using these functions, the performance of your CG animation will definitely improve.

Comparison DOGA-L2 with DOGA-L1

<> 2) Multi-joint model

The most unsatisfying point about DOGA-L1 is that you can't design a human or an animal moving their hands or legs or even a fighting robot, isn't it? In DOGA-L2 you can design objects which have joints for a robot's arms and legs.

Joint Model

<> 3) Key frames

Using the Motion Editor of DOGA-L1, you can only control the position of the starting and ending points. But in DOGA-L2, you can design different poses at various positions for objects that have joints.

You can also control the velocity of object in detail.

Keyframe Motion

<> 4) Expression of environment

Additionally, in DOGA-L2 you can produce a view like watching a red sunset by adding color to a source of light. You can even add fog (haze and clouds of sand) to your scene.

Fog Effect

<> Sample movie

DOGA-L2 sample movie(160x120, 16seconds)
Video for Windows(629KB)
Real Video(186KB)
This movie is created with only DOGA-L2 and the all data to render is included in DOGA-L2 software package.

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