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<> Specification of DOGA-L1,L2 <>

Object Modeling
Modeling Type Surface Model. Assembling the preset registered parts only. (each parts are like a plastic toy model, for example, cockpits, wings and so on. there are about 500 parts.)
Setting of Attributes c For each Objects, selecting from 5 colors (White, Blue, Red, Green, Purple) only. For each Parts, selecting from 55 colors, 32 textures, and 9 materials.
3D Hardware Support Direct3D
Animation Design
Control type Keyframes(only setting at start and end point), Motion Path Keyframes, Motion Path
Background Picture Select from 20 background picture (for example, "Earth Orbit", "Sunset sea" and so on).
Special Effects None Fog effect(air depth)
Rendering Type Gouraud Shading, Scanline conversion.
Mapping type None Texture, Transparency and Reflection Mapping
Input / Output files
Object Input None (In Japanese Version, DXF is importable with Helper Application)
Object Output DXF, VRML(*.WRL), and Direct3D(*.X)
Picture Input None
Picture Output Windows Bitmap (*.BMP)
Movie Input None
Movie Output Video for Windows (*.AVI)
System Requirements
Personal computer IBM compatible (minimum Pentium 90MHz).

Windows 95,98 (DirectX7 or later needed)
Windows 2000,Me,Xp
WWW browser must be installed. (Netscape 3.0 or later, or Internet Explorer 3.0 or later is recommended.)

Memory At least of 24MB RAM, over 32MB is recommended.
Free Hard-drive space: At least 30MB, over 40MB is recommended. At least 60MB, over 80MB is recommended.
Display Adapter At least High-Color(16bit), True-Color(24bit) is recommended.

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