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Red Ranger


 Individual Registration

DOGA-L2 and L3 are shareware.
The registration fee of L2 is $20 and of L3 is $40.
  (If you are a registered user of L2, you can upgrade to L3 with $20.)
The feature "Render / View animations" is not available till you register.
You can register by visiting
When you pay the fee at Kagi (Reliable registration service), you will receive the key information (User Name, User ID, and Password) in a few hours.
In order to unlock the limitation, click "Register" button on the main menu and input the key information. Please use "copy and paste" function to input the key information.
If you have any trouble, please send an e-mail to

 Group Registration

We offer group registration discount for over five users.
But we accept registration fee only by international money order.
Someone of the group has to correct money and send them to us.
For detailed information, please send an e-mail to


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