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<> Various Expression <>

You can express surprising materials with combining texture and material. We show you some techniques.

<> Explosion

In DOGA-L1 System, explosion is expressed by only circle. In DOGA-L2 System, explosion becomes more cubic and powerful because L2 can use the texture "explosion."

From our trials,
Color: "White" or "Light yellow"
Texture: "Explosion"
Material: "Emission"
seem to be better.

And it is interesting to combine some explosed sphere those have various colors. Farthermore, you can make more expressive models with concerning a source of light. Because, "Luminous Body" doesn't become brighter than white. If environment of explosion is brighter than it, explosion doesn't look so bright.

So, in case of explosion, make a whole screen more dark with using back light or setting a source of light more dark. the light of explosion stands out by this process. And in case of animation, the movement of explosed sphere becomes important. At first explosed shere spreads rapidly and then becomes slow gradually. You can control it with changing the key frame.

<> Smoke or Croud

When you express vague material like smoke or croud, the combination of a setting and color becomes important. For example, set a setting blue sky, let's express the scene that smoke rise up slightly.

Even if you set
Color: "White"
Texture: "Rough" or "Wrinkle"
Material: "Fake Shadow"
with combining transformed spheres, we can see that it is made with combining spheres because spheres are too much clear.

So, set a color of smoke light blue. Because of this smoke fades into back color, as a result it looks as if transparency increased. So even if the same smoke, it is better to make a color of smoke "Light Purple" when a setting is "Sunset sea" and make a color of smoke "Light Orange" when a setting is "Mars".

<> Ground

In case of the ground, if you set
Color: "Light Orange"
Texture: "Wrinkle"
Material: "Emission"
it becomes like a wilderness.

Because of why using "Emission" is to keep the brightness of ground uniformely with getting rid of the effect of a source of light. Set a color of ground "White" when a setting is "Snowfield", and set a color of ground "Blown" when a setting is "Mars".

Or setten images "Snowfield" or "Mars" are made with using the colors "Wrinkle", "Emission" above. So, in case of "Snowfield" or "Mars", if you set polygon that has the same color and texture, there is a merit that even if polygons are exhosted, boundaries of them don't appear.

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