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1. Make an object move

To start

 At main panel, click 'Design a motion' then select 'Create a new motion'.

Add moving multi-joint object

 Choose [Object]-[Add moving multi-joint object] and select your object.
  (This time I choose '2'.)


Make locus control marker disappear

 Drag left locus control marker(violet square marker) above the starting point(red triangle marker).

 Drag right locus control marker above the ending point.

Move starting point and ending point to origin

 Drag starting point to X=0,Y=0,Z=0 then drag ending point to the same place.

Change total frames from 100 to 25.

Choose [Edit]-[Change Total Frames]-[Scaling Frames...]
 Enter 25 and click 'OK'.

Set a keyframe

 Keyframes of this motion are set to 7,10,16,19 and 22.

 Set time(by slider or Forward button) and push [Add key] button.

 This motion is made by keyframes and poses like below.


Design poses of frame 7,10,16,19,22.

 Editing pose is a really simple operation.

 Choose the keyframe by clicking and push 'Pose Edit' button on the right.
 Edit as you like !!

 But there is a physical restriction(The GROUND!) at this time, we must keep his feet on the ground except 16th frame.

 We adjust the position by moving 'Base unit'.
 Base unit of this object is 'loin', selected part at picture on the right.

 When we make each pose, design rotation of each unit (like leg,hand etc.) first.
 Then move the whole object by dragging the 'Base unit' to the right place.

 See the picture below.
 Blue line is the ground line and Red line shows the movement of the 'Base unit'.

2. Set camera

Set camera position

 Choose camera by clicking and click lower left area to display 'Direct Edit' panel.

 Enter X=3000,Y=1000,Z=0 of camera position and click 'OK'.
   (You can also do this operation by dragging the camera.)

Save this motion

 Save this motion with a file name.


 Here you can change the camera position as you like.
 But you can't change the object.