DoGA is a corporation. But it is operated like NPO(Non Profit Organization).
The law for the NPO is not flexible here in Japan like US and EC, so we selected to be a corporation.
Our goal is not making profit and our activities are supported by many volunteers all over the world.

We are looking for partners like below.

  1. Publishing company who can distribute L-series on CD-ROM

If you are interested in or if you know some information or have any ideas about these,
please send e-mail to us (Please see "contact" for e-mail).

Sponsors of our activities

For companies who agrees with our concept and activities, we offer following options for sponsorship.

Banner advertising on this web site pages
Advertising on our news letter
Advertising on L1(Which we distribute for free) start menu <Figure1>

Advertising on L1 ending pop-up <Figure2>


As for merits of sponsor, we can tell the following generally. (They have difference by the way of Ads.)

Reach to beginners of Computer Graphics and build your brand awareness
Enhance your corporate image that you support grass roots activities for creative freedom

Publishing company who can distribute L-series on CD-ROM

We grow rapidly by CD-ROM distribution of some major PC magazines in Japan.
But we don't have partners to distribute L-series by CD-ROM overseas.
Actually, L-series are not easy to distribute through Internet concerning the connection speed of every country except US.
We have CD-ROM delivery service, but concerning our goal to share creative pleasure as many people as possible, it is a limited power.

So we are looking for publishing company that have magazines distributing on CD-ROM.

Volunteer Staff

Who blush up our English of our programs and web site contents.

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